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A guy is getting dressed for an important meeting.

The president meets with Anna about the dossier.

The guy has the dossier decrypted.

Liz is on the phone with the task force. The guy is Grimm where Bastien Moreau into the boy's backpack.

The secret service is looking for the dossier and shows up at the decrypters house looking for the dossier.

Grimm shows up at the decrypter's house and sees the agents terrorizing the decryptor.

FBI breaks into Grimm's house. They look at surveillance video.

Red shows up where Red is getting a massage and tells him about Grimm.

Red and Liz meets with a guy who wants Red to apologize which he does at Liz's urging. They are looking for the Grimm's and need this guy's help.

Anna comes into Harold's office about the Grimm family. Harold gets all honest with Anna about the dossier and her conspiracy plan.

Red and Liz are at a park and she talks about Agnes and bringing her home and they talk about Katarina.

Red's friend finds Raymond about where Grimm is.

The president and his wife get ready for an event. The wife tells him he has to do something and if he doesn't she will. He gets a phone call. It's Anna and she tells him what Cooper said.

Harold calls Red and tells him about his conversation with Anna. Ressler and Liz go to Grimm's location, but  Anna is on it.

They get Grimm out of there and they talk about the plot involving German intelligence and America. Harold calls saying hey're being followed. Anna's men show up.

There's a stand off, guns are drawn.

Shots are fired. Grimm is taken by Secret Service. Liz is about to get shot when Red shows up and kills the guy. He tells her he's going after the dossier.

Grimm's wife and son are with the Task Force. Harold goes to see the president about the plot and to warn him against Red's advice.

The secret service guy question Grimm. He sent it to the NY Post.

The wife tells Ressler the same story.

The agents go to the mailbox but the mail was picked up. Ressler and team know go to find the mail.

Cooper visits Diaz.  Aram calls Harold that Anna is talking to the president and the FBI is listening. Cooper knows it's the president. Cooper leaves and calls Red.

Cooper talks to the team about Diaz.

The team goes looking for the mail truck but Sandquist finds him first.

The mail guy tries to run and they catch him. Aram can't get information but they know the carrier.

The agents and Grimm look through the mail.

Aram finds where Sandquist might be.

The FBI arrive at the warehouse as they torture the carrier.

The FBI breach. There's a shootout. Grimm gets shot.

He has the dossier in his pocket which Liz takes.

Liz and Ressler show up with the dossier which Aram starts decrypting.

Diaz is planning to assasinate himself and when and where and how Anna McMahon is involved.

Harold comes up with a plan to save Diaz.

Anna visits Sandquist who tells her he thinks the FBI has the dossier. They are lying about Diaz who shows up at the hospital and talks to Sandquist and Anna himself. Sandquist lies that he has the dossier.

Red tells Liz about Katarina. He tells her to bring Agnes home.

Anna comes into the Task Force and arrests people. Aram, Ressler, Cooper. 

Liz isn't arrested because she hides.




The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 21 Quotes

Anna: The only thing I'm planning is to shut you down.
Harold: Go ahead and try.

Anna: I should have killed him when I had the chance.
Secret Service Agent: Who?
Anna: Who do you think? The bane of our existence. The reason the FBI is now one step ahead of us. Reddington.