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A guy is about to blow himself up, a programmer who says there are bad things going on.

He gets shot and killed by police because the guy who did the video isn't the guy they killed.

Red is talking to Dembe when Liz shows up.

Red wants Francesca in the Task Force. Liz wants someone else.

Red tells her about the bomber guy.

Agent Park shows up and is now part of the team. She has information.

Someone sticks up Francesca.

Ressler tells Park about her files. She reminds him on himself.

Katarina has a job for Francesca. She's angry that she's betrayed her.

Now, she wants Francesca to betray Red and talk to someone who wants to betray Red.

Red is talking to Francesca in the car about trust. He tells her she's got a job on the Task Force.

Aram is at lunch with Elodie at someone's house who isn't there. She breaks in.

Liz calls Red where she's having a lunch with Brimley and Dembe.

Vontae is the traitor and was going to give Katarina Red.

Park and Liz walk in on Red who did while he was being questioned.



The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

I'll just hang tight. I'll be right here if anyone needs me.


Computer guy: Whoever did this did a really good deep fake.
Red: Deep fake. Kids, today.