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A guy is in a box trying to defuse a bomb. There's an audience watching they guy trying to save his own life. He starts freaking out and the bomb goes off.

Liz is at her apartment when Katarina approaches. She invites her mother in and they talk.

Katarina makes a copy of Liz'a keys.

Red is reading from a book when Liz comes in. She wants to know how Dom is.

Liz asks about the woman who tried to kill Dom. Red gives her his usual mystery information.

She reports back to the team.

Aram and Ressler go to visit one of the women from the group they are investigating.

The leader of the group meets with another guy to talk about plans.

Ressler and Aram are still questioning the woman.

Red makes a visit to a Russian guy.

Red talks to Francesca. He wants her help.

Aram is invited to the secret group. He makes the plans with Radcliffe and what to do.

Katarina bugs Liz's apartment.

Aram and Radcliffe are in the Deception party.

Red is working with Francesca.

The Defiance party has started.

Prackett picks the night's chosen one. It's Radcliffe.

Francesca does her work and escapes.

Aram is trying to figure out a way to get Radcliffe out of her situation.

Harold sends Liz and Ressler to where Aram is.

Aram is trying to figure out what to do with Radcliffe as she drowns.

Red visits the Russian guy.

Aram kicks some ass. He's James Bond!

He gets Radcliffe out and she kisses him.

The FBI shows up before things get worse.

Liz and Ressler are questioning Prackett.

Red finds out Francesca is lying.

Red gets home and her place is bugged. Katarina is listening. They know Red's move.

Harold congratulates Aram on a job well done. Katarina is reading Agnes a story. Liz is impressed.

Harold asks Aram about Mrs. Radcliffe.




The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Work on your cover. You're going in.


Francesca: You're holding me hostage.
Red: I prefer to call it calling on a debt.