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Two guys are driving in Kuwait and get shot at. It's a young Harold.

Liz tells Katarina she's being protected from her mother.

Harold and Liz talk about Red.

Red meets Harold in the cemetery talking about Daniel Hutton who's apparently still alive.

They're on a plane to Kuwait. Harold visits with Daniel Hutton.

Red is smoking with the guy when Dembe tells him there's a situation.

Liz's new nanny gets accosted by Katarina posing as FBI agents.

Harold is accosted at the border...Daniel was part of it.

Red has the team working on finding Harold.

Red sends Francesca and Ressler to take care of business.

Katarina is going to be Liz's new nanny after the new one quit.

Red kills Daniel. Red and Harold are on their way back.

Katarina is with Agnes. When Katarina sends Agnes away, she starts snooping in Liz's apartment.

Harold tells the team the story about Daniel Hutton.



The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

You want a relationship with your daughter. She doesn't.


Katarin: Who do you need protection from?
Liz: My mother.