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Ilya is getting worked on for his memories. Katarina is watching.

Red shows up at Liz's apartment. He gives her a case and she presents it to the team.

Liz gets surveillance footage of the park and shares it with Aram.

Liz and Red are at a strange dinner while Katarina works on Ilya's memories.

Liz has a lead on the guy in the photo who is Russian mafia.

Katarina is working on trying to find out who the real Red is.

Ilya tells the story of the plan to hide Katarina. Turns out it was Dom's plan.

The story is involved and recreated. Ilya's a tries to kill Katarina but it was another woman.

Liz calls Katarina to ask her to watch Agnes and tells her what's going on. With Red in the car.

Ilya is going into convulsions because Katarina starts yelling.

Liz figures out that Katarina is her mother and confronts her.


The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Nobody touches the bird. What's wrong with you people?


I'm sure it's been difficult since Tom, but you have Agnes now. You should be looking forward not back. You deserve a bigger life.