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Liz has a gun on Katarina as Katarina tries to explain. Her guy comes in and knocks Liz out.

Red is still at the Post Office.

Katarina has Agne while Liz is tied up.

Red and Dembe leave to check on Liz.

The FBI guarding Liz get tricked and killed.

Ressler visits teh Dream Weaver per Red's request.

Red and Dembe are at Liz's place, but no answer.

They discover the agents are gone.

Katarina arrives at the apartment as the FBI investigates.

She talks to Liz.

Red shows up to talk with Dream Weaver.

Katarina tells Liz Red's not who he is and shows her something. he takes her to Frank...the real Ilya.

Katarina is convincing. Liz is almost believing her.

Red meets a Chinese guy to find out where Katarina is. He calls Harold to tell him about Berdie Turnoff.

Aram knows him and tells what he knows.

Red is driving with Dembe and Park. She knows Gregory Flynn.

Liz calls Harold and lies that she's okay.

Red's friends find Ilya and take care of him.

Liz helps Katarina escape.

Katarina drives right past Red and they follow.

Keen is at Katarina's apartment pretending.

Russian mafia stop Katarina while Red watches. he wants to do something but Dembe warns him off. She's killed.

Harold confronts Liz about the file.

Ilya tells Red he didn't give up any information.

Ressler is going to get some information from Dream Weaver and scramble his brain.

Liz is visiting Dom. Red and Dembe shows up.

He tells her about Katarina.

And then.......Katarina calls.



The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

I would never hurt her.


You shot your father. Do you really want to shoot your mother, too?