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Liz interrogates Dominic. Red and Dembe try to track Liz, Katarina, and Dom. So does the task force.

So Reddington suggests they join forces, which Cooper rejects. Dom wants to see Katarina. Liz asks Dom about M-13 and the Sikorsky Archive. She drives him to a seizure.

Liz and Katarina disagree about torturing Dom. Katarina agrees not to after Liz calls her "Mother." Liz phones Ressler and Reddington has bugged the call. Dom sees Katarina as she appeared as a young woman. Red has men watching Liz and Ressler's meeting.

Dom is delusional. So Katarina tries to play off that. Ressler begs Liz to walk away from Katarina. Raymond's men surround Liz and Ressler. Dom tells Katarina she took the Archive. Red lets Ressler go.

After Ressler reports, Cooper calls Reddington. Everyone is searching the warehouse district for where Katarina is holding Dom. Dom informs her that both she and Red have the Archive.

Raymond tells Liz that she can't trust Katarina. Liz informs Red they're done if he hurts Katarina. Reddington recovers Dom but Katarina has escaped. Liz tries to get through to Dembe.

Dom dies while talking to Red. Katarina steals a car and escapes. Ressler arrives too late. Katarina calls Heidegger, the highest ranking member of the Townsend Organization in North America.

She offers him the identity of M-13 in exchange for her safety. Reddington is sitting with Heidegger at that time. Dembe remains with Liz. He tells her Dom has died. She says she's done fighting Red.

She surprises Dembe then takes his car and he lets her go. Red captures Katarina when she goes to meet the now-dead Heidegger. She tries to call Liz. Liz uses Dembe's phone to call Ressler to get him to the park. Liz arrives in time to see Red kill Katarina. 


The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Ressler: She wouldn't.
Red: What do you think she's doing? Saying "Pretty please" and "Mother May I"?

Stop protecting Reddington and start protecting your family, three generations of women.

Liz [to Dominic]