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The Task Force debates about her. They think Reddington is M-13. Harold has a list of five CIA officers he wants investigated as possible traitors. Red and Dembe drop by headquarters. Red thinks Liz is targeting Neville Townsend. Ratikin, one of those CIA agents, calls Raymond about his security clearance being frozen. Park and Ressler are staking out Liz when a hitman shows up. Liz receives help to escape but Chemical Mary gets captured. Neville Townsend is Mary's brother. One of the CIA agents is found dead. Townsend's people actually captured a Liz doppelganger. Liz speaks through her to Townsend. She tells him Katarina wasn't M13, that Reddington is. She wants his help to kill Raymond. Ratikin killed the other CIA agent. Townsend gives Liz a test to prove herself. Liz's doppelganger turns herself in to the Task Force. Liz's doppelganger is seeking an immunity deal. Red says the woman is a Cyranoid from an agency that provides doppelgangers for criminals to use as surrogates in dangerous situations. She's there to kill Chemical Mary at Townsen's request. Aram, who went to interrogate Mary, arrives too late. Red goes to speak with The Commissioner, leader of the Cyranoids. He wants to know where Liz's Cyranoid is in exchange for keeping quiet about the Commissioner's organization. Liz's Cyranoid gets the drop on Ressler and uses him to escape. Red and Dembe capture Liz's avatar. He talks directly to Liz through her. Liz refuses to meet with him. Raymond threatens to kill the avatar, Russian roulette-style, if Liz won't meet him. Dembe traces Liz's broadcast. There were no bullets in the gun. Park figures out Ratikin set up the dead agent. An arrest warrant is put out on Liz. Red calls Townsend. Townsend tells him he and Liz are coming for him.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Neville. I am Elizabeth Keen.

Liz [to Townsend]

A war criminal and an international terrorist. Your parents must be proud.

Aram [to Chemical Mary]