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Bank robbers steal from one of Red's safe-deposit boxes. They leave a note "Elizabeth Keen says hello." Red believes she's hired the Fribourg Confidence. They're bank robbers who steal from other criminals. The Freelancer, the first Blacklister the Task Force caught, is appealing his conviction with a new attorney, Scooter Rovenpor. Panabaker says that Liz is needed to testify at the trial. Harold tries to cover by saying Liz is on assignment in the field. Raymond has Cvetko check out the note from his box. Rovenpor wants to know who is the confidential informant that Liz employed. The judge wants to hear from Liz about her informant. Cvetko finds the same handwriting on a note from a 1994 robbery. Red interrogates that robber, Abraham Moores, then figures out Abe's estranged daughter Jennifer is part of the robbery crew. Harold is going to have Jennifer followed in the hopes of finding Liz. Aram bugs the table of the robbery crew. Jennifer moves up her meet with Liz. Harold opts not to tell Reddington. Esy tells Jennifer that her drop is blown. While Ressler and Park are distracted, a homeless man grabs the cup with the flashdrive and gives it to Esy. Panamaker forces an arrangement with the judge. They tell him Red is Liz's informant. The judge throws out the evidence and dismisses the charges against The Freelancer. Abe's nurse is also part of the robbery crew. Both Abe and Jennifer tell Raymond and Ressler about her meeting with Liz. Ressler pinpoints her safehouse. But Harold tells Red they learned nothing. Harold goes by herself only to find Reddington and Dembe there already. Red says Liz paid for Rovenpor to free The Freelancer. Harold tells Panabaker about Liz. Liz leaves the password-protected flashdrive for Harold.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

With all due respect, your cologne is making me nauseous.

Red [to Carl]

Call Reddington. Let him know we have a problem.