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Liz and Ressler spend the night together. Liz meets Esi at Tom's old apartment. Red's men track them there. They hotwire a car and escape. Harold wants the task force to find Liz before Raymond does. Liz attempts to recruit a team from Red's operatives but he thwarts her at every turn. Ressler and Aram tail Agnes and Merritt Marks. Liz has Esi follow Marvin and then goes after Agnes. Red is also being pressured by a powerful Russian ally. Liz is at Agnes's dance class. She gives Merritt directions. Liz approaches Marvin at a diner and makes him an offer she hopes he can't refuse. Red recruits a House counsel to help Tadashi eliminate troublesome data from the House server. Raymond's bribing her with a home on the beach and threatens to reveal her tax problems. Aram bonds with Agnes. Liz's plan fails. Liz tells Ressler she refuses to leave Agnes behind even though she's a fugitive. Liz explains the engagement washer to Esi. Tadashi walks Gwen through corrupting the server. Aram and Agnes play a game involving paper airplanes. Liz tells Ressler she got Marvin to turn. Aram figures out that Liz is calling from the Silver Spring train station. Red thinks it's a diversion. Ressler informs Red that Liz turned Marvin. Ressler admits to the task force that he's been in touch with Liz. Aram stays behind with Agnes. Liz asks Aram for a head start. Liz has set up Marvin buying airline tickets and reservations in his name. Red has Marvin interrogated to be certain of his loyalty. Dembe asks Red if he purposefully shot Katarina to send Liz to the dark side. Liz turned Skip, who took over for Marvin. He transferred 35 million Euros to her. She calls Red to gloat. Still Liz remains off limits.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm fighting a war on one fight. I'm not sure I have the strength to fight it on two.

Red [to Dembe]

We're too late.

Dembe [to Red]