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Part 1: Constantine explains to Phoebe that he's set up the online part of the contest on his website which allows fans all over the world to vote and determine who will sing their duet at a concert on August 24. Phoebe's hesitant because this means she'll have to sing with Rick but Constantine convinces her this will be great for her singing career. Rick turns to his mother for support and advice about Phoebe. After suggesting that it's probably not a good idea for him to pursue the relationship, Brooke urges him to fight to get her back if he truly loves her. A determined Rick visits with Phoebe at work where she tells him about the contest.

Part 2: On the phone with her sister, Brooke explains to Donna why she can't meet with her and Jackie at the Bikini Beach bar. Donna tells Jackie that her sister's problems are all due to Stephanie (Susan Flannery). Jackie's amazed when she learns that Donna helped take a drunk Thorne home the other night and wonders why she would help any Forrester. After some thought, Jackie guesses that she did this to get back at Stephanie. When she spots Stephanie at another table with Brooke's kids, Donna says "hello" and, after the kids leave, blasts her for all she has said about Brooke.

Part 3: When Stephanie claims Brooke can go back to her "whory ways" with the kids out of the way, Donna tries to slap her but Stephanie grabs her hand and warns her never to do that again. Later, a smug Donna is pleased when Thorne calls. She plays the humiliated lover and eventually agrees to wait for him. Later, he works hard to convince her to have dinner with him. Donna agrees and he happily kisses her.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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