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Part 1: Leaking Ashley's affair, Ridge approaches Taylor for help in protecting their daughter from Rick. When Rick calls, Phoebe finally answers her phone and won't allow it when he insists on coming by to see her. Before hanging up, she warns him to stay away from the house for fear Ridge may see him. Rick asks Bridget for the use of her phone and leaks that he finally told Phoebe about his one night stand with Ashley. She warns him to stay away and give her time by herself. In front of Taylor, Ridge tells Brooke about what her son has done to hurt their daughter. Rick arrives and insists that he is sorry that Phoebe got hurt but argues that everyone makes mistakes. Ridge orders him to stay away from his daughter.

Part 2: Rick finds Phoebe in the upstairs hall and talks to her from the 1st floor, assuring her that she is very special to him but she claims she wants nothing to do with him. Stephanie is taken aback when Ashley admits that she and Ridge ended their burgeoning relationship tonight. When asked why, Ashley finally confesses that she kept things from Ridge that she shouldn't have. Stephanie pushes her to admit that she and Rick were involved and that Phoebe found out.

Part 3: Ashley (Eileen Davidson) announces that she is going to the office to pack her things but Stephanie claims that this isn't over yet. She starts to blame others but when Ashley stops her because she takes responsibility for her own actions, Stephanie is impressed and assures Ashley that because of her honesty, Ridge will forgive her, with Stephanie's help.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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