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Part 1: Mentioning her work with Constantine, Phoebe tells her father that just because Rick got involved with Ashley doesn't mean that he should end his relationship with her. Hearing Ridge (Ronn Moss) stayed home from work today, Ashley guesses to Stephanie that Ridge is trying to avoid seeing her. Though Stephanie pushes her to get past her indiscretion and go after Ridge, Ashley claims there is nothing she can do to make up with her son.

Part 2: Stephanie approaches Ridge on Ashley's behalf but Ridge explains he can't get past how hurt his daughter is. She warns him that if he doesn't take this chance, he may always wonder what would have happened if he had tried. Ridge announces to Ashley that he's expecting her resignation. She responds that she's not quitting because of her momentary lapse of judgment and asks him to be reasonable and see past her mistake. Ashley adds that she has not felt this way about a man since Victor Newman.

Part 3: At the Bikini Beach bar, Constantine passes out autographed flyers about the website duet contest, pushing everyone to vote for him and Phoebe. Phoebe's amused when she arrives and he gets the crowd to give her some applause. Rick enters the bar and offers the crowd free T-shirts as he tries to out-promote Constantine. But when Phoebe confides to a friend about Rick's affair, she considers whether she truly wants him out of her life. Phoebe and Constantine are disgusted when an airplane pulls a banner in the sky, telling everyone to vote for Rick and Phoebe.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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