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Thorne assures Donna (Jennifer Gareis) that no one will ever again come in the middle of their happiness. As she strips down to her lingerie, she pulls him into the bedroom.

Later, she claims that she can't wait to be a wife to him and a mother to Alexandria. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Eric decide to surprise Thorne at his place in hopes of cheering him up.

Part I

When they arrive at the beach house, Stephanie spots a woman's robe on the floor and sends Eric to the beach with Thorne's daughter. Thorne is startled to find Stephanie in the living room and urges her to come back later. But as she hints that she wants him to be happy, a half-naked Donna emerges from the bedroom, talking seductively to her tiger."

Part II

Calling her a tramp like her sister, Stephanie grabs her and drags her out but Thorne (Winsor Harmon) angrily orders her to take her hands off his fiancee. Talking about the online contest, Ridge warns Phoebe that she is sending Rick mixed signals but she denies it though she does worry that if she and Rick win, she won't be able to sing with him.

Part III

Ashley interrupts and as she pours herself some coffee, Phoebe is astounded when Ridge claims they're together because Ashley apologized. She points out that he wouldn't accept the same for her and Rick and admits that she's beginning to question whether she can confide in him about anything.


Ashley stops by Bridget's place, at which point Rick warns her that he's committed to getting Phoebe back. Ashley warns that Ridge won't be happy and admits that she and Ridge are back together. She urges him to consider whether he wants to take the chance he might hurt Phoebe again.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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