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PART 1: Jackie assures Nick that she didn't send Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) a wind up bird present. She then leaks the information that Donna is working her way into Thorne's life to help her sister.

Shocked by Thorne's revelation that he asked Donna to marry him, Stephanie claims that he doesn't need her in his life. Thorne asks how she would know what he needs. Stephanie eventually warns Thorne that Donna is using him to seek payback for the trouble that Brooke is facing.

PART 2: Donna points out that Stephanie is making this about her but the Forrester matriarch suddenly grabs for Donna's left hand and demands that she take off the engagement ring. Donna blasts her for treating Thorne like a toddler and Thorne tosses her the keys and kicks her out.

Thorne later advises Eric about Stephanie going berserk after she learned about his engagement with Donna. Stephanie slips back in to Thorne's place and overhears Donna laughing on the phone to Jackie about getting her revenge. She claims that Thorne only wants sex from her but Donna guesses she'll relish sitting across the dinner table from her at every holiday.

PART 3: Phoebe arrives at his studio as Constantine finishes laying down another vocal track. He boasts that the website is going crazy for the online singing duet contest. As he sings another track, Phoebe remembers being with Rick but her walk down memory lane is spoiled when she thinks of him with Ashley. Ashley urges Rick to carefully consider going back to Phoebe because of all the obstacles that will be in the way.

Admitting the terrible mistake he made because he simply wanted sex from her, Rick claims he'll do anything to be with her.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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