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Part 1: Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) shows Nick the songbird present and is surprised to discover that he's not her secret admirer. In Las Vegas, Darla happily accepts Thorne's marriage proposal. Admitting that he's felt a hole in his life since Darla died and then he assumed too much with Taylor, Thorne tells Donna that he thought he was never meant to be happy again. However, he boasts the short time they've had together has been amazing, though he warns her about the responsibilities of being a stepmother to his daughter.

Part 2: Saying she's up for it, Darla asks Thorne if his mother is going to respect their relationship. He tells her not to worry and then hops into bed with her. Afterwards, Thorne calls a jeweler to their suite and picks out a 3 stone, emerald-cut diamond engagement ring for Donna. She claims it's too much but Thorne insists it's hers. When he tells her he wants to wait before they get married, Donna fumes until he mentions that he's doing this because of his daughter. Over martinis at the mansion, Eric gets Stephanie to confirm that Brooke's a good business woman. Stephanie adds that she's not a designer though. She's caught off guard when Andy suddenly arrives.

Part 3: Admitting that Brooke's "quite a woman," Andy asks why she's pushing him to her and leaks that he knows about her legal troubles with her children. Showing him the door, Stephanie again claims that Brooke needs the right person in her life to help her. When Brooke calls to talk with her children, Stephanie lies that they're asleep.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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