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Jackie stops by the Forrester mansion and tells Stephanie that she has Thorne's engagement present but not his address. Stephanie quickly accuses her of planning this revenge attack with Donna but she denies it.

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Eric interrupts and tells Jackie that the present is very thoughtful of her. After Jackie leaves, the two argue about Thorne's needs and when Stephanie downplays the importance of sex in a marriage, Eric hints that he knows what a lonely Thorne is feeling.

Stephanie insists that Donna doesn't love him but Eric claims it's unlikely he'll ever find the love he had with Darla. Waiting for Brooke in Eric's old office, Donna mentions to Thorne that Stephanie returned after he left and that when she accused her again, she told his mother that she was right and sent her on her way.

When Brooke greets them, she's taken aback to hear about their engagement.

After Thorne leaves, Donna assures her sister she can make Thorne happy and smirks that she'll also make Stephanie unhappy. Jackie enters and suggests that Brooke design Donna's wedding gown. Thorne enters the mansion and hears Stephanie badmouthing him for choosing Donna.

After Stephanie downplays what she said, Thorne tells her to leave him alone if she can't be happy for him and claims that she's left him alone often during his life.


Sending Eric (John McCook) out, Thorne points out that she's accepted Ashley for Ridge even though she slept with his daughter's boyfriend. As their argument builds, Thorne confesses that he was mixing pills with booze and didn't care until Donna did and stopped him.

Stephanie apologizes but he says it's too late

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