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In front of Ashley, the kids complain to Ridge (Ron Moss) that they miss their mommy. Ashley gets him to decide that it's time to call Child Protective Services because this separation isn't working.

Episode Recap
At the Caf? Russe bar, Andy reads an article about Brooke Logan and remembers delivering the wind up bird gift to her. Brooke asserts to Dorothy that Stephanie is using her children to bait her and claims that because her children miss her terribly, she's concerned. Impressed, Dorothy announces that she will call the judge and have a hearing held tomorrow so that she can get her children back. Thrilled, Brooke thanks Dorothy. Then Stephanie complains to Taylor that Donna is seeking revenge for her sister's sake. She urges her to consider recommending that custody of the kids be given to Ridge permanently. Taylor leaks to Stephanie that Brooke's got a secret admirer. Later, hearing from Dorothy about her decision to give Brooke's kids back, Stephanie guesses aloud that Brooke will be partying tonight and suggests she arrange a surprise visit tonight.

Stephanie then calls Andy and, as Brooke enters the restaurant, Stephanie encourages him to approach her and drops a hint that she leaves a key to her place under the flower pot. Andy then sits himself down at Brooke's table and, after a few come-on lines, announces that he is her secret admirer.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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