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Part 1: Ashley (Eileen Davidson) pleads with Ridge to give their relationship another chance. As they argue, Stephanie brings the kids over for a barbecue and ignores Ridge's claim that this is a bad time. As the barbecue gets underway and the kids play with Eric, Stephanie points out to Ridge that her off and on relationship with Eric is proof that Ashley deserves another chance. Later, Ridge explains to Ashley that he's got to forgive her because he's in love with her.

Part 2: She promises to put him first from now on and adds that she'll never hurt him. The two then kiss. Admitting she saw the kids at the Bikini Bar earlier with Stephanie, Donna assures Brooke that she will be reunited with them soon. She then heads upstairs to get ready for her date. Finding Thorne dressed up for the Caf? Russe, Donna hints that she thinks he's trying to buy her off and adds that Stephanie has said as much. Thorne counters that he thought it would be fun but then offers to make her dinner at his place instead. After they eat, Donna catches him looking for his pills which she reveals she found earlier. She warns him they can be addicting but he insists he's okay. But when he sullenly sits down next to her, Donna guesses that he does have a problem and he agrees that she should keep the pills.

Part 3: Thorne then describes how difficult his days have been since Darla died. Blindfolding him, Darla suggests she can be anyone he wants and starts unbuttoning his shirt. Brooke struggles with her loneliness by watching a DVD of her kids Nick put together for her.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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