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When Ridge (Ronn Moss) calls and Bridget claims Brooke can't talk, Ridge asks if she's been too busy with her new male friend to return any of the dozen messages he's left for her. He also points out that she missed Hope's recital.

Episode Recap, Part One

Stephanie tells Ridge that Brooke was too busy with the new man in her life to remember Hope and claims that children should always come first.

Assuring her he is not going to deny Brooke visits with the kids, Ridge signs papers requesting full custody.

Nick finds Bridget unlocking the front door to let him inside and asks why there is a security guard outside and why the custody hearing was postponed.

Ignoring her request to stop, Nick hurries up to Brooke's bedroom and finds her in a robe, clutching at a framed photo of her kids. Bridget claims the hearing was postponed because Brooke wasn't feeling well but Nick senses otherwise and demands some answers.

Episode Recap, Part Two

Instead, he's convinced he should go home. Stephanie slips in and, after Bridget leaves, she wanders upstairs where she asks if she's hiding the latest lover. Brooke denies it and panics when Stephanie shows her the photo of her with Andy.

Constantine gets everything set for the Boldface Challenge performance

Uncomfortable seeing Rick staring at her, Phoebe steps away from the set only to run into Ashley who insists on being heard. She tells Phoebe that she was wrong in thinking she was too young for Rick. Ashley urges Phoebe to get past their affair and warns her she'll lose Rick if she doesn't do it soon.


Rick tries to talk to Phoebe before the performance but she claims she has to meet Constantine. Hearing Ridge signed the custody papers, Ashley wonders aloud if he did it for the right reason.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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