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Getting backstage into her dressing room at the Boldface Challenge, Taylor brings Phoebe flowers and assures her that she'll be great. After she leaves, Rick intrudes and promises Phoebe that once they are together on stage, she will no longer be confused about him.

Episode Recap, August 24...

Nick joins Taylor in their seats as the time comes for the singing. Ridge and Ashley wait for Brooke to show up to see her son sing.

Constantine welcomes and thanks the crowd and then introduces singer Jon McLaughlin who sings "Beautiful Disaster."

Once he is done, Elliott Yamin takes the stage and sings "Wait for You." As he does so, Ashley kisses Ridge while Rick stares at a troubled Phoebe.

The announcer then brings Constantine to center stage to sing "Fading Into You." When he's done, Constantine brings Rick and Phoebe (MacKenzie Mauzy) out to announce the winner of the challenge.

Insisting that it looks like it was a date to her, Stephanie asks Brooke if she brought the new man in her life home for dessert. Brooke states that it wasn't a date and when Stephanie hopes that it was the best sex she ever had, Brooke screams at her to shut up, warning that she doesn't know what happened last night.

Stephanie claims this is about protecting the children and shows her a copy of a petition filed with the court that requests Ridge be given full, permanent custody of her children.


Brooke guesses the document is a fake but Stephanie claims that Ridge (Ronn Moss) no longer trusts Brooke and signed the paper today. Seeing the signature, Brooke warns Stephanie she won't allow anyone to take her children.

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