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As the crowd waits, Phoebe opens the envelope and announces that she and Constantine were chosen the winner of the Boldface Challenge.

Episode Recap: Part 1

As Rick (Kyle Lowder) slides out of sight, the band strikes up and the winners sing their song. Afterwards, Phoebe notices Rick walking away so she starts singing the song that came in second place, bringing Rick on stage again.

Once they are finished, Phoebe quietly tells him that she loves him and, as the crowd watches, Rick kisses her. Later, Phoebe advises Rick that she's a changed woman and is ready to make love to him but as they kiss, he pulls back and claims he can't do this.

As Brooke gets dressed, vowing not to let him do this to her, Ridge arrives and claims he was worried about her. Brooke points out that his mother just left after giving her the horrible news. She accuses Ridge of allowing his mother to turn him against her.

Episode Recap: Part 2

Denying it, Ridge states that he did this because "she hasn't been herself lately" and wants to help her. She asks him to tear up the petition but he refuses and asks him about the man in the photo with her.

She won't talk about him but when Ridge won't leave and asks what's wrong, Brooke cries that she was raped. As Stephanie again assures Eric and Thorne that she is only concerned about the children, Donna bursts into the room and leaks about Ridge seeking full custody.

Calming down, Donna asks for the families to end their bickering right here in the Forrester house on the day she and Thorne are married. Stephanie responds by laughing.


Eric encourages her to consider the possibility but Stephanie refuses. Urging her to end this feuding, Donna asks Stephanie to stand up with Brooke as her Matron of Honor but she refuses.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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