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When Nick tells Clarke that he thinks his new designs "stink," Clarke points out that at least he has some unlike Brooke. Nick offers an excuse for her but Clarke's unimpressed.

Later, Nick suggests to his mother that they need to find another way to defeat Forrester Originals.

Episode Guide, Part I

Ridge presses Brooke to talk about the rape but she guesses his mother will be happy to hear the news. Ridge claims he wants to help and assures her that she's safe now with him.

Admitting she's got to tell him everything to get it out of her mind, Brooke reveals that the attack took place in her house but that she didn't tell Dorothy.

Ridge vows to find the guy and have him sent to prison. She insists she's not going to press charges but lets slip that her attacker is Andy, the stalker.

Fearing her babies will be taken from her forever, Brooke points out that this is his and Stephanie's fault.

Episode Guide, Part II

After she reveals Andy knew so much about her, Ridge promises her that she will not lose her kids and vows to find the guy and make him pay. When he stops kissing her, Rick tells Phoebe (MacKenzie Mauzy) he senses something's not right.

After some time to think, Phoebe decides that she's not ready and though she calls him her first love and possibly her only love, she kisses him and tells him she wants him to be happy. Phoebe then walks out.

As Eric (John McCook) signs the latest loan document, Michael advises him and Stephanie that this is the last loan they can arrange until Forrester starts paying back some of the money they owe.

Stephanie tries to browbeat the man but he's unmoving.


Later, as Stephanie badmouths Brooke and her new man, Ashley's curious that Stephanie knows the guy's name but Stephanie downplays it. At the Caf? Russe, Ridge spots Andy enter.

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