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PART ONE: Ridge (Ronn Moss) chases Andy when he runs out of Café Russe after noticing him.

Ridge follows Andy onto a rooftop where Ridge lunges at him. Andy grabs a high voltage antenna to defend himself and reveals to Ridge that he had an accomplice; someone who knows Brooke well.

PART TWO: Donna (Jennifer Gareis) gives Stephanie a sample wedding invitation and Steph is aghast when Eric insists that the wedding be at their house, no matter what Stephanie wants. Brooke calls into work to let them know she isn’t coming in and Nick tells her to take her time.

Nick, Jackie and Storm brainstorm ideas to beat Forrester.

Brooke confesses to Bridget that she told Ridge about the attack. Brooke decides to press charges if Andy is found.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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