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Brooke tells Bridget (Ashley Jones) that she's curious as to how Andy knew so many details about her life, especially the custody hearing which was known only by a few. As Andy claims he committed the perfect crime, Ridge pushes him to reveal who helped him get the key to Brooke's place.

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He responds by laughing but when Ridge asks again and again, Andy starts to leak the name. A security guard suddenly bursts through the door and when a nearby pigeon flies toward him and causes him to lose his balance, Andy touches the antenna to an electrical box and is electrocuted.

Donna is thrilled when her sister Katie comes to town. Katie wonders aloud to Donna why she would want to marry Thorne after all he did to Brooke. Donna tries to convince her that she loves Thorne.

Suggesting that she knows how he is yearning for companionship after losing his wife, Stephanie excuses Thorne for his fling with Donna but urges him to reconsider marrying her. Thorne insists she makes him happy but Stephanie states that Donna is not the right woman for him.

Thorne (Winsor Harmon) hints that if she cannot accept Donna, she may lose him as a son. Stephanie runs to see Donna and finds Katie there. She threatens Katie but Katie refuses to be intimidated.

Meeting her in the lab, Rick advises Ashley that Phoebe dumped him after the concert. He asks Ashley if the two of them have a future together.


Ridge returns to Brooke's place and reports to her his confrontation with Andy and that she won't have to worry about the rapist anymore because he's dead. He shows her the key and reports that the thug had an accomplice.

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