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Part 1: Realizing that Donna (Jennifer Gareis) may be planning to marry Thorne, Jackie warns her that she doesn't love him. Donna boldly states that she can't wait to sit down with Thorne at the family dinners and see Stephanie's reaction. Saying goodbye to her sister, Donna hints to Brooke that Stephanie will one day regret all she has done to them. Hoping to talk about things, Stephanie invites Thorne over for dinner tonight but he turns her down, admitting he's going out of town. In Las Vegas, Thorne takes Donna to bed but as they kiss, she suddenly stops and jumps out of bed. When she worries about him, he assures her that he won't be alone.

Part 2: Ridge (Ronn Moss) warns his mother that Brooke is coming over for a visit with the kids. She worries that he's starting to feel sorry for Brooke because of what's been said about her in the press and confirms that she doesn't think the time away from her kids has done any good for her. Brooke's touched to hear Nick on the phone, talking up her abilities. After she heads to see Ridge and the kids, Taylor arrives. When Taylor admits that she feels guilty about what her testimony did to Brooke, Nick states that Stephanie is to blame for Brooke losing her children. Brooke is astounded to hear that Ridge forgave Ashley.

Part 3: At the Caf? Ruse, Stephanie overhears the mention of lawyer Andy Johnson and realizes that it's the same name from Brooke's cocktail napkin. She approaches him and he remembers the "hot blond" though he claims he only spilled a drink on her. Stephanie suggests that he get to know Brooke because he's just her type.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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