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Looking at a photo of the ultrasound, Nick and Taylor (Hunter Tylo) argue about whether they're having a boy or a girl. Bridget claims the angle prevents them from determining the sex of the fetus. As they talk, Carl unknowingly enters the room and apologizes, claiming he thought the room was empty.

Part One

Nick asks about having an amniocentesis performed but Bridget downplays it and escorts a coughing Carl out. Carl blasts Bridget for not insisting on the test to determine whose egg Taylor is carrying.

Claiming Brooke could use some more warmth in her life, Stephanie pushes Andy to consider dating her former daughter-in-law. She claims that Brooke still has the cocktail napkin with his phone number and after he gets confirmation that she's the Forrester matriarch, Andy puts his plan into action.

Part Two

He surprises Brooke at her place by posing as a delivery man. Brooke's unnerved when he guesses that she has two children. After Andy leaves, Brooke reads the card from her "secret admirer" that accompanies a gift.

In Las Vegas, Donna hears from Brooke about her latest visit with her kids and then turns on the tears to Thorne Forrester, sadly crying that this is all their relationship can ever be because of Stephanie.

Thorne insists she has nothing to do with whom he sees but she claims no one can cross Stephanie. Thorne again stands up for himself and claims that he is finally moving on and wants them to be together. To prove it, he kisses her passionately but she explains why she can't share his bed. Thorne asks her to marry him.


Stephanie stops by Taylor's office and continues to badmouth Brooke because of her desire to find another man. And so it continues ...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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