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Part 1: Denying that she betrayed him, Ashley assures Ridge that she and Rick ended things months ago before Rick left Paris. Stunned, Ridge asks how she and Rick could do this to his daughter. Ashley apologizes and confirms that it might be true that she wanted Rick back. Ashley describes how Rick turned to her after breaking up with Phoebe and Ridge guesses she slept with him in Mexico. Ashley denies that it was an affair but Ridge guesses that she has feelings for Rick that she's not acknowledging. He turns his back to her and she walks out with tears in her eyes. Phoebe refuses to answer when Rick calls her. He leaves a message asking for a moment to explain himself.

Part 2: Phoebe enters Constantine's studio and he introduces her to Lil Keesha, a singer from his label. He then boasts of an investor who wants to sponsor "the Boldface Challenge," an online contest just like at the Insomnia, only worldwide. Touched by Lil Keesha's love song, Phoebe answers when Rick calls her again. Boasting that she has been appointed by the court to act as a "supervisor" of the two children, Stephanie warns Brooke to do what she says or there will be a problem. She also warns Brooke to tell Donna to "stay the hell away" from her and her family.

Part 3: Lying next to him in his bed, a smug and naked Donna wakes Thorne and acts shocked when she claims he doesn't remember what happened last night. Donna plays hurt as she talks about how special he made her feel last night and guesses that he was just using her. Grabbing a sheet, she tries to run out and Thorne falls for the ruse as he tries to excuse his actions. Brooke calls Donna to warn her about Stephanie.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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