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The Bold and the Beautiful: 11/1/2007 (Part One)

Bridget meets her mother at the hospital and as they look at little Jack, Brooke assures that she told Nick the baby is Nick and Taylor's, not hers. But when Bridget asks her to sign the papers giving up any right to the baby, Brooke hesitates. Phoebe (MacKenzie Mauzy), Jackie and Thomas welcome Taylor and Nick home from the hospital. A somber C.J. clears out his mother's desk and reminisces as he finds some old framed photographs.

The Bold and the Beautiful: 11/1/2007 (Part Two)

Clarke (Dan McVicar) finds him at his mother's desk and gets him to confirm that Sally's selling the business. C.J. explains that because the new owner is bankrupt, the title reverted to Sally and she doesn't want to leave St. Tropez. When he announces that he's in charge of finding the best deal, Clarke asks him to wait. He hurries to Taylor and Nick's (Jack Wagner) place and asks Jackie to come with him to see a business opportunity. Back at Spectra though Nick's impressed with the low selling price, he claims he's done with the fashion business.

The Bold and the Beautiful: 11/1/2007 (Part Three)

Clarke gets talking about how Sally ran the knock-off company and starts to rub off on Jackie. Ridge stuns Felicia with the news that Brooke's egg made Taylor's baby. She claims Taylor needs a good attorney and wonders if Taylor can handle this child. Ridge (Ronn Moss) asserts that Taylor is the mother and has already bonded with him. Felicia doesn't think it's that easy. Brooke surprises Taylor just as she gets into bed. Though Taylor (Hunter Tylo) asks her to leave, Brooke ignores her and ends up singing the papers to prove the baby is Taylor's.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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