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The Bold and the Beautiful: Part I
Brooke assures Ridge (Ronn Moss) that what's happened between them is for the best and that Ashley will be able to handle the rejection. Nick arrives and starts to confide to Brooke about her role with his and Taylor's baby. Brooke announces that she and Ridge are back together as they belong. As that news sinks in, Nick says they've named their son Jack Hamilton Marone and asks if she'll "bank" some blood for the baby.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Part II

Agreeing, Brooke insists the baby is his and Taylor's and that she has no intention of being involved in the boy's life. Ridge comes downstairs and quickly orders Nick (Jack Wagner) to get out. Nick points out it's Brooke's house but then exits. Ridge complains about Nick being in her life but Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) assures him this won't be a problem for them. As Taylor's about to be released, Bridget asks if she's met with her doctor yet. Taylor wonders if this accident was really a mistake.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Part III
Bridget (Ashley Jones) describes what happened and how everyone told her there was no chance that Brooke's egg was implanted in Taylor. She defends her attempts at finding the truth but Taylor lashes out that everyone at the hospital is sorry but won't accept responsibility for what has happened. Taylor (Hunter Tylo) also points out that as her doctor, Bridget should have told her the truth as soon as she found out...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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