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PART I (11-2-2007)
Jackie works hard to convince her son to buy Spectra. When Nick asks who the designer will be, Clarke (Dan McVicar) reminds him that they do knock offs and will copy all of Eric's (John McCook) creations with just enough of a difference to keep the lawyers away. After a tour of the facilities, Nick (Jack Wagner) agrees to buy Spectra but tells Jackie, this is her business. Jackie later tells Clarke she wants to name their line "M." Crying, Taylor argues with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) about signing the papers giving her custody of the baby. When Brooke exclaims that she needs reassurance that Taylor can raise "her son," Taylor points out that she just called the baby hers and admits she's having second thoughts about having her baby.

PART II (11-2-2007)
When Brooke admits that Ridge (Ronn Moss) is "coping" with the idea of Nick and Taylor raising the baby, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) wonders why Brooke is in such a hurry to get the papers signed. Taylor then announces that she doesn't want to sign the papers and claims the papers mean nothing because everyone knows Brooke's the natural mother. Taylor then orders her to leave. Bridget (Ashley Jones) offers her congratulations to Ridge on the news that he's back with her mother. Ridge quickly complains about Brooke having a baby with Nick but Bridget states that it is Nick and Taylor's baby. She goes on to mention that Brooke took over to Taylor the legal document that would give full custody of the baby to Taylor.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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