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The Bold and the Beautiful: 11/12/07

Katie interrupts Donna's neck rub for Eric and shows them the front covers of Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) in her office bathtub. When Katie offers a plan of action to counter the Spectra publicity, Donna pushes Eric to hire her to do PR for Forrester. Katie asks for time to consider.

The sisters get a chance to talk about her relationship with Eric and Donna (Jennifer Gareis) urges her to go ahead and accept the job offer. Eric returns and gets her to start work immediately. Stephen tries to frighten Stephanie on the edge of her balcony but she avoids his ploy.

Stephen claims that the men in Stephanie's life who turned to Brooke did so because they got no love from her. Stephanie points out how Stephen walked out on Brooke's mother and abandoned his children.

Stephen warns that she is going to pay for what she's done to his family.

Stephanie (Susan Flannery) counters that he has issued yet another empty threat. Stephen forces his way into Forrester and when he hears Eric's (John McCook) voice and then Donna's, he bursts through the double doors and finds his daughter under a blanket on the couch with her boss.

Meanwhile, Ridge (Ronn Moss) promises Brooke that once this show is over, they can make wedding plans.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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