November 13, 2007 Photograph
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The Bold & the Beautiful recap - PART ONE: Stephen angrily orders Eric to get his hands off his daughter. Donna apologizes to her father but Eric insists that this is not a meaningless fling, calling her an intelligent, "full of life" woman." Downplaying Stephanie's role in his life, Eric claims he's in love with Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and vows to make her as happy as she has made him. Katie thanks Storm for going over her new contract with Forrester and is shocked to find a gun in Brooke's safe.

The Bold & the Beautiful recap - PART TWO: Stephen claims he left because he couldn't deal with Storm and hints that he was in pain from his wife's feelings for Eric (John McCook). As they continue to argue, Storm hands his father the gun Stephanie (Susan Flannery) gave Brooke. Katie arrives in time to hear her dad admit he'd like to use it on Stephanie. Nick talks with Brooke about whether Taylor is bonding with Jack and hints that it's possible Taylor (Hunter Tylo) may never be able to deal with Brooke's role in their baby's birth. Eric shows Donna his "show stopper" that she'll be wearing at tomorrow's event.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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