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The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Recap, Part I (11/14)

Assuring Donna how happy she makes him, Eric dons his jacket and heads out to confront Stephanie. But as he leaves, Ridge pulls him into his office and asks him to delay until after the show making a decision about which woman he wants in his life. He asks Eric not to seek revenge because neither he nor Brooke are. Donna boasts to Brooke and Katie that Eric loves her. Katie suggests that this might not be a good time to go public with the news for the sake of the new line. Storm (William de Vry) enters and asks Brooke why she failed to tell him about the rape and Stephanie's involvement. He asks her to press charges against Stephanie but Donna and Katie claim that Stephanie is getting her punishment right now.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Recap, Part II (11/14)

Storm reveals that he took the gun from her house and put it in the desk drawer. Felicia (Lesli Kay) is amused to find Jake MacLaine helping to set up the lights for the showroom. Thorne (Winsor Harmon) assures her the past is long over. Ridge (Ronn Moss) interrupts and defends Eric's right to decide which woman he wants in his life. Eric stops by Stephanie's hotel and announces he's in love with Donna (Jennifer Gareis). Stephanie warns that the value of his collection will disappear if he appears with Donna. She calls him childish and selfish, he announces he's leaving. She pleads with him to stay but Eric walks out.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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