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PART 1 ... Brooke orders Donna (Jennifer Gareis), Katie and Storm (William de Vry) to stay the hell away from Stephanie. Eric interrupts and tells Donna and that he told Stephanie their marriage is over. He goes on to reveal that Stephanie was devastated and suggests that tomorrow's show could be a new start for both families at Forrester Eric invites Storm to join the Forrester legal team - which causes Stephen sarcastically to ask if he has a job for him in Europe. Assuring him his feelings for the Logan family are genuine, Eric does make him an offer and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) admits she likes the idea.

PART 2 ... Stephen is suspicious but Brooke says it would be good for her dad to learn how to work together. Meanwhile, Stephanie wonders to Ridge (Ronn Moss) if it's too late to repair her relationship with Eric (John McCook) urges her to stay away from the show tomorrow for fear of what her presence will mean legally and emotionally. Stephanie claims she doesn't care about the legal aspects. Stephanie confronts Donna and the rest of the Logans and says  she will be at the showing because she belongs there. Stephen warns her to stay away or he will make her pay. Eric insists to Ridge that he's choosing Donna.

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