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PART I: Katie asks Jake to let her see the music video after the show, Eric spots his camera and warns him to put it away because certain journalists have deals to videotape the event. Ridge makes one last attempt to convince Eric not to tell the world today about Donna but Eric insists it's his decision. The two then spot Stephanie (Susan Flannery) all in white, advising the media where they will be sitting. Donna, Katie and Storm watch Brooke place the gun from her safe in a desk drawer at the office.

PART II: Storm (William de Vry) urges them to ignore Stephanie and let her be, but Stephen interrupts and claims they the opposite for the sake of the family. They all ask him to calm down but he warns if she shows her face she'll "deal with me." Stephanie makes a last plea for Eric to concentrate on his designs and forget about his love life. Later, she faces off with Brooke who tells her the gun she gave her is in her desk and asks her to take it and the violence in her life and stay away. On the runway, Ridge (Ronn Moss) gets the show started but as the models strut their stuff, Stephen catches sight of Stephanie. Backstage, Stephanie, Felicia and Thorne (Winsor Harmon) agree to work to stop Donna from ruining this ...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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