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PART ONE ... Stephanie tries to stop Donna from taking the runway in the "showstopper" for fear that their affair will foil Eric's hopes for a successful new line. When Stephen (Patrick Duffy) orders Stephanie to back off, Katie tries to calm her father down. Later, Thorne (Winsor Harmon) comforts an upset Katie while Brooke urges her to ignore Stephanie. As Eric watches one of the models at the end of the runway, he is reminded of the many Forrester shows that featured Stephanie's support. Donna interrupts to report that the buyer from Fenmore's has ordered the entire collection.

PART TWO ... Back in the dressing room, Donna (Jennifer Gareis) ends up being kidnapped by Thorne and Felicia who lock her in the steam room. They report their success to Stephanie. As the show climaxes, Eric takes the runway and talks about the most wonderful woman in his life who has inspired him to create the new line they saw today. Stephanie walks out. Eric tries to hide his disgust but Stephanie reminds him to smile. Thorne signals Jake to have the stage elevated into the air so that Eric can't leave. Upset that his mother was kicked out, Nick (Jack Wagner) calls his attorney to start legal action against Forrester.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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