November 20, 2007 Photograph
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The Bold and the Beautiful, Episode Recap, Part I (11-20-07) ... Outraged, Eric confronts Stephanie in the back room and demands to know where Donna is. Thorne and Felicia (Lesli Kay) admit they put Donna in the steam room. Eric fears that she's been hurt and runs to release her. Nick (Jack Wagner) confronts Stephanie and boasts that she's broken the contract that Eric signed. Stephanie laughs at the idea that she can't be a part of Forrester but Nick counters with a threat.

The Bold and the Beautiful, Episode Recap, Part II (11-20-07) ... Brooke rips into Stephanie for the way she's treated her sister and vows not to allow her to hurt Donna (Jennifer Gareis) ever again. Katie tries to calm her father who warns Jake and anyone else who will listen that Stephanie has done something to his daughter. They're relieved when Donna arrives. Katie's shocked to hear Thorne (Winsor Harmon) was behind her disappearance. Storm says that it was Stephanie who appeared with Eric at the end of the show.

The Bold and the Beautiful, Episode Recap, Part III (11-20-07) ... Stephen (Patrick Duffy) is next and claims she's made a mistake in allowing her victims to go free. He warns that this will be the last time they talk and vows to make his point when she least expects it. Eric (John McCook) then comforts Donna and assures her that there will be more shows. Donna says they cannot allow Stephanie to do this anymore but claims it can't be him. Later, Stephanie walks the runway, looking for Eric. After she shuts off the lights, someone slips into the room and shoots her...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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