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PART I: After she turns the lights out, Stephanie hears a noise and calls out for Eric. Suddenly, a shot rings out and Stephanie falls to the floor bleeding. Eric (John McCook) is backstage and hears a noise. He runs into Katie who quickly denies hearing a noise. Nervous, she cuts off their conversation and runs out. In the main room, Donna finds Stephanie on the floor and when she rolls her over, she finds her covered in blood.

Donna starts crying.

PART II: After Eric calls security to lock down the building, a guard can't stop a worried Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) from running out. At the same time Storm is on his cell phone, calling to start proceedings against Stephanie. He runs into an angry Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) who tells her brother that she's fed up with Stephanie. Storm (William de Vry) boasts that he's getting an injunction against Stephanie but Brooke claims it's not enough and that she's not sorry for what she did.

PART III: There because of Storm's call to Charlie Baker (Mykel Shannon Jenkins) about Donna's kidnapping, Lt. Baker starts questioning the Logans and then introduces his son to them. Back at her office Jackie boasts to Clarke that she has taken care of Stephanie "bloody" Forrester. Packing a bag or two, Jackie then tells Clarke she's not sure where she's going but she's leaving. Now.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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