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The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Guide, Part One

Though Nick is nervous, Jackie encourages Brooke to do what she does best as she prepares to hit the stage with her new line of lingerie. Concerned about Brooke's decision to do this, Katie runs to tell Ridge. He's outraged and decides that he's got to stop her.

As the show begins, Nick worries that he's not hearing more applause from the crowd ... but after Donna hits the runway, Jackie points out the rising level of applause.

When Nick worries that the crowd may recognize these are just copies of Eric's past designs, Jackie insists that Clarke has done enough to alter them. Donna listens as Jackie talks about how great a designer Eric is and how good he is at pleasing a woman.


The Bold and the Beautiful: Episode Guide, Part One

Staring into the mirror at the outfit she's wearing, Brooke is tormented by the sound of her rapist voice, taunting her about her lingerie and repeating over and over that "you wanted it."

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) suddenly stops the voices and tells herself that she will do this. Ridge barges into the backstage area and blasts Nick for tricking Brooke into doing this.

Nick insists this was Brooke's idea and Brooke steps up, telling Ridge that she needs to do this to get back a part of her that was stolen from her. She asks him to back off but when it's time for her to hit the runway, Brooke panics at the sight of a man who looks like Andy.

She runs into her office while Jackie calls in vain for her to step out.

Ridge (Ronn Moss) ends up comforting her as she becomes distraught in the office, ripping her lingerie off and screaming how much she hates it all. Ashley faces off with Katie about her engagement and orders her to get Brooke to stay away from Ridge.


The Bold and the Beautiful
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