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PART I: The Bold and the Beautiful, October 10, 2007

When Katie stops by with a present for Thorne in honor of getting the company back, he's in no mood to celebrate. He stuns her with the news that his dad is involved with Donna. Eric (John McCook) worries to Ashley that she and Brooke may have trouble working together.

She whispers that she would like his personal support for her relationship with Ridge.

After she leaves, Donna asks Eric about Thorne but first, she thanks him for standing up for her, something no man has ever done for her before. She points out that he may not have to divorce Stephanie in order to keep his company but does admit she will enjoy seeing Stephanie react to their friendship.

PART II: The Bold and the Beautiful, October 10, 2007

Not knowing what he wants in a relationship, Eric claims he wants to be as good for her as she is for him. Ridge again urges Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) to get the support she needs from her sisters. She claims having the man she loves nearby is so much better but he announces that this must stop tonight.

Ridge reminds her that he's in love with another woman and is marrying her.

Undaunted, Brooke hands him a photo album in thanks for all he's done for her. The two page through some of their most romantic getaways until Ridge is uncomfortable and suddenly announces that he has to leave. At home, Ashley waits by the phone, hoping that Ridge will soon call and eventually goes to bed.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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