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Part One: The Bold and the Beautiful

Donna congratulates Brooke on her effort with Ridge last night though she's disappointed to hear he didn't spend the night. Ridge wakes to find Ashley staring in disbelief at the photo album Brooke gave him.

Donna (Jennifer Gareis) points out that he went to see his ex last night to end things permanently and instead, he ends up reminiscing with her and bringing home a memory book. Mentioning that she's heading to Paris after Taylor's baby shower today, Ashley asks Ridge to consider who he wants in his life and then act. After she leaves, Ridge takes a shower and, emerging later wearing a only towel, finds Brooke in his bedroom. She claims she's there to thank him for giving her the best night of sleep she's had since the attack.

Drooling, she claims it's all because of him.

Part Two: The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge angrily asks her to stop and confirms that Ashley wasn't pleased to see the photo album. She ignores his concern and boasts that he is the man for her. Ridge sternly announces that she has got to stop this

However, after she claims she'll be the good ex-wife who doesn't interfere, Ridge (Ronn Moss) laughs and kisses her. When Bridget confirms that there is no way they can hide the new paternity test from Taylor, Nick won't allow it. Bridget runs to the shower where she joins Jackie, Ashley and the others to celebrate the birth of Taylor's impending baby in 3 weeks. Katie lays into Donna for going after Eric but when she mentions how upset Thorne is, Donna accuses her of being attracted to him.

Katie is sickened to hear Donna's going to Felicia's party

The Bold and the Beautiful
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