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Part One: After slapping her rival, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) warns Ashley never to accuse her of using her rape to reel in Ridge. Ashley warns her that Ridge is only helping her because they share a child. Brooke claims that Stephanie hand picked Ashley to be with her son and also sent Andy to rape her. Ashley doubts that Stephanie knew that Andy would attack her. Brooke boasts that her needs will always come before hers and asks her if that's the way she wants to live her life.

Part Two: After Brooke walks out, Ridge (Ronn Moss) returns and confirms that his mother did send Andy to be with Brooke. Pointing out he's feeling guilty over what his mother did, Ashley insists he doesn't have to feel that way. She then reveals that Brooke was very blunt in boasting that Ashley would never have what she has with Ridge. She asks him to stop rescuing Brooke and suggests he allow Brooke's sisters to help her.

Part Three: When Brooke interrupts and asks him to leave with her for her therapy session, Ridge suggests she go see Beth by herself. Brooke pushes him but he claims it will be better to do this by herself. Thorne (Winsor Harmon) is outraged to find Donna and Eric kissing. He reminds his father of what Donna (Jennifer Gareis) just did to him and wonders what his mother is going to think.

Part Four: Eric (John McCook) assures his son that Stephanie doesn't know anything about his relationship but Thorne continues to question the idea of Eric cheating on Stephanie. Eric hints that Stephanie has done something unforgivable. Later, Donna overhears Thorne urging Eric not to give up on everything he and Stephanie have built. Brooke tells her nodding therapist that one day she knows Ridge will be with her.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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