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PART ONE: After kissing Brooke a few times, Ridge hops off the bed and tells her that this isn't right. Brooke again asks Ridge if he cares as much about Ashley as he cares about her and then heads over to Taylor's baby shower. Having flown Thomas in to spend time with his mother, Nick offers to take him over to the party but first assures Thomas that he is good for her.

Thomas interrupts and gives him his okay based on all that his mother has told him. When Donna (Jennifer Gareis) pops into the baby shower, Jackie heads her off and suggests that they don't need a "stripper."

PART TWO: Donna insists that she was invited and Taylor (Hunter Tylo) later thanks her for the touching gift. Brooke arrives and quickly takes her place next to Ashley. The two argue about Brooke's inappropriate photo album gift for Ridge. Tired of the arguing, Ashley says goodbye to Taylor and leaves. Brooke then offers a toast to Taylor and, as Taylor talks about how happy Nick makes her, he steps in. She's thrilled when he reveals his surprise: Thomas. But she has her own surprise when Taylor suddenly goes into labor.

PART THREE: Bridget feels guilty when Taylor thanks her for all she has done for her to become pregnant. Ridge greets Rick with an invitation to take care of some problems in Europe by moving there permanently. Rick blasts Ridge for being engaged to Ashley (Eileen Davidson) while still trying to keep Brooke in his life. Though he admires Ridge's design for Ashley's wedding dress, Rick warns his rival that he's making it in vain since he doesn't think the marriage will last.

Ridge tells him that it's Brooke who wants him in her life as her husband.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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