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PART I: Ridge (Ronn Moss) gives the story about the return of Forrester to Jarrett who boasts that the reuniting of Ridge and Brooke as fashion's big couple is his cover story for the next issue. Ridge downplays the idea which makes Jarrett wonder aloud if Ridge's future wife might have a problem with him working with Brooke again. Ridge asks him to forget about that angle. As the reporter leaves, Brooke arrives with the news that Taylor's gone into labor. After Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) calls Doctor Caron, Nick assigns Thomas to drive him and Taylor to the hospital.

PART II: After they leave, Eric (John McCook) arrives and learns from Donna about Taylor's surprising news. Donna leaks that her sister Katie is giving her a hard time about their friendship. This leads to a discussion about what Donna could face should more people find out about their relationship. She agrees that he should be able to keep this quiet for as long as he wants but as they kiss, Felicia (Lesli Kay) enters and rages at them, blasting him for sneaking around with her brother's "seconds." She insists that whatever the problem is between him and Stephanie, she thinks they can get past it.

PART III: At the hospital, Bridget (Ashley Jones) helps Taylor's doctor as the baby's heartbeat monitor shows some distress. With Nick by her side encouraging her, Taylor insists on no C- section as she continues to push. Brooke calls Bridget who reports that their might be a problem with the baby's heartbeat. Ridge remarks about Brooke's remarkable "connection" to this baby. Taylor and Nick are relieved when she delivers a healthy boy.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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