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The Bold and the Beautiful - Episode Guide Part 1

Dr. Caron explains to Taylor and Nick that they're drawing blood from their newborn and that she'll conduct a more thorough examination later because he was born early. As Taylor cradles her son, Bridget privately advises Nick that she is sending the blood to be tested to check the paternity. Nick then meets with Phoebe (MacKenzie Mauzy), Thomas and an excited Jackie who asks if he's healthy. Using his pirate's voice, Nick jokes that he has a hook for a hand and then escorts them in to see his son. Bridget's (Ashley Jones) upset to find Carl in the lab, insisting on helping with the blood test. Dr. Caron returns to Nick and Taylor to report there's a serious problem with the baby. She explains that he has S.C.I.D. or severe combined immunodeficiency which means he has no immune system and needs a bone marrow transplant.

The Bold and the Beautiful - Episode Guide Part 2

Dr. Caron calls Ann Lloyd, the egg donor and asks her to come in to be tested if the father's bone marrow can't be used. Felicia can't believe the way Eric and Donna (Jennifer Gareis) are talking about Stephanie and asks what she did. Reluctantly, Eric (John McCook) reveals that Stephanie was involved with Brooke's rape. Felicia doesn't believe it but Eric confirms that she pushed Andy to go to Brooke. Felicia again claims that she saw Brooke on a date with this guy but Donna corrects her that Andy was stalking her and that Stephanie told Andy where to find the hidden key to Brooke's house. Felicia (Lesli Kay) continues to defend her mother and vows that Stephanie will be back and explain her actions. Felicia then orders Donna to stay away from her father.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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