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Part I
Lying in bed with her, Ridge (Ronn Moss) announces to Brooke Logan that they are not going to waste any time in moving ahead with their renewed relationship. However, he does regret breaking the promises he made with Ashley and Abby. Brooke claims she'll understand. Ashley arrives back home and chats with her daughter on the phone about Jack being okay. She then calls Ridge and invites him to come over and see her. When she welcomes him to her place with a kiss, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) quickly realizes that their relationship is over.

Part II
She angrily grabs the bottle of champagne she brought from France and warns that she's not going to be happy for him that he's back with Brooke. Holding back the tears, Ashley admits she sent out their wedding announcements from Paris. Ashley admits she's worried that Ridge may end up being hurt by Brooke. Katie chats with Brooke about her growing friendship with Thorne (Winsor Harmon) and lets slip that Eric is sleeping with Donna.

Part III
Donna (Jennifer Gareis) returns to Eric's office and assumes he's in the chair turned away from her. She goes on to badmouth Stephanie only to find it's Eric in the chair. Stephanie admits she's been reading the purchase agreement and then argues with Donna, calling her just a sex toy.

Donna denies it and points out that she listens to Eric (John McCook), something Stephanie (Susan Flannery) doesn't do. Stephanie counters that at least she is real unlike Donna's "two best assets." She also points out Eric hasn't taken her around town and will confine her to his bedroom. When Donna claims she'll be the next Mrs. Eric Forrester, Stephanie slaps her and gets a slap in return.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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