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The Bold and the Beautiful, Episode Recap, October 8, 2007

  • Bridget (Ashley Jones) urges Nick to convince Taylor to run another paternity test to determine whose baby she's carrying. Nick refuses and when Brooke arrives, Bridget lies about the reason for her visit and backs away. Brooke then leaks about her fight for Ridge and vows that she will have him back where he belongs. Later, Jackie leaks to Nick about finding a towel-clad Donna in Eric's bathroom.
  • Eric's family welcomes him back to his office as Thorne boasts they enjoyed packing up Nick's things and dumping the boxes on his doorstep at 2 this morning. When Bridget joins them, Eric offers a champagne toast to the start of the original company and his hopes for the future. As Donna partakes, Eric explains that she is staying with the company as will many others who have unbreakable contracts.
  • When Brooke arrives, Ashley is disgusted though Ridge tries to calm her. Eric quickly agrees to bring her into the company. As everyone welcomes her, Ashley stares daggers at Brooke who later reminds Ridge that they will be working close together from now on. When she wonders if Ashley will tolerate it, Ridge assures her she'll be fine.
  • Ashley (Eileen Davidson) overhears Brooke turning on the charm to convince him to change his plans with Ashley so that he can be with her at her therapy session tonight. Once Ridge leaves, Ashley blasts Brooke for using her rape to try to win Ridge. Brooke slaps her and warns her never to say that again. Thorne returns to see his father and finds him kissing Donna.
The Bold and the Beautiful
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