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The Bold and the Beautiful
August 1, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Katie calls Bridget from the hospital about taking her latest set of tests. Bridget tells her and Nick she'll be there soon to check on the test results but Nick pulls her closer and keeps her in bed with him.

After sex, Bridget talks about how easy it is to love Jack and then hints that she'd like to have their own baby.

He assures her it's not too early to discuss this so she warns him that her doctor advises her how difficult it will be for her to carry a baby to term.

Dr. Patrick tells Katie that she has to stop worrying about the worst that can happen to her. Agreeing, she announces that she's decided to start living her life again.

He guesses she's talking about her feelings for Nick but she reminds him that he's married. When she complain s about feeling queasy lately as well as run down, Dr. Patrick does admit that other test results show something too.

Checking again, the doctor announces that she is pregnant. Just then, Bridget barges in and asks the two what the tests show.

When they don't answer right away, Bridget starts to worry. Marcus jumps and shouts with joy as he gets word that Owen is on his way back to San Diego.

To celebrate, he invites Steffy to take him to the ocean. There, they have fun frolicking in the surf, holding hands and kissing.

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