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The Bold and the Beautiful
August 11, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke and then Patrick rush in and find a sobbing Ridge confessing that he had to shut off Eric's ventilator because Eric spoke to him.

Dr. Patrick turns the machine back on and reports that Eric is fine. Leaving, Ridge orders Brooke to call the family to Eric's office for a meeting.

Finding Marcus shooting hoops at the Forrester "spa," Katie is pleased to hear how he's fitting in and claims that he's the best thing that has happened to her sister.

But when she mentions Owen's name, he reveals that the guy is trouble and has been sent back to San Diego. Ridge tells Thorne, Donna, Felicia, Rick and Brooke that things are not getting better for Eric.

When he reveals that he shut off the respirator, Donna starts screaming at him, asking if he really did kill her husband. Brooke pushes Donna away from Ridge and assures them all that Eric is fine.

Rick blasts Ridge for making such a decision and reminds him that Eric is his father too. Ridge claims he heard Eric's voice pleading with him to help him "let go."

He instructs Bridget to tell them what she told him earlier and when she is done, Ridge claims that dad doesn't want to go on like this. Donna stops him and vows to put a guard at the door to protect Eric.

Bridget points out that Eric assigned Donna to be in charge of Eric's medical care.

Ridge asks her to sign a document that okays the removal of the ventilator and, as everyone cries, Ridge claims none of them would want to live this way.

Felicia agrees to do whatever Stephanie decides. Offering her sympathy, Donna announces that she will not give up on her husband, especially after reading about so many people who have emerged from their comas.

After everyone else leaves, Ridge presses Donna to sign the document but Owen interrupts and stops her.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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